The goal of this study was to explore possible specific mammographic and sonographic features in women with non-puerperal mastitis (NPM), in order to make an accurate diagnosis and prevent unnecessary surgical procedures. From a group of 93 patients with NPM diagnosed between 1987 and 1992, the mammograms of 41, the sonograms and cytology of 47, and the histology of seven patients were retrospectively reviewed. Follow-up was performed on those without histology. In 20 of the 47 patients the inflammation was located subareolarly. In 50% of those with non-subareolar lesions, mammography showed a circumscribed lesion. Sonographically, all patients had an identifiable lesion either well or poorly defined. The majority of the lesions were cystic, but in 23 of 47 cases solid components were seen. Signs of infection in cystic lesions were observed in 25 of 47 cases. Posterior shadowing was not observed. During the follow-up period no breast malignancy was found. It is concluded that NPM has no specific mammographic or sonographic sign. Diagnosis should be made with additional diagnostic assessment, such as FNAB, which was diagnostic in all cases.

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European Journal of Radiology
Department of Pathology

Lequin, M., van Spengler, J., van Pel, R., van Eijck, C., & van Overhagen, H. (1995). Mammographic and sonographic spectrum of non-puerperal mastitis. European Journal of Radiology, 21(2), 138–142. doi:10.1016/0720-048X(95)00699-Q