This paper summarizes the state of affairs of European research on ageing and work. After a close inspection of the age construct, an overview is presented of research in four areas: the relationship between age and HR-policies, early retirement, age and performance/employability, age and health/well-being. The overview results in a research agenda on work and ageing and in recommendations for practice.

Ageing and work, Europe, Older employees, Review,
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology
Department of Public Administration

Schalk, R, Bal, P.M, Bertrand, F, Claes, R, Crego, A, Dorenbosch, L, … Zappalà, S. (2010). Moving European research on work and ageing forward: Overview and agenda. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 19(1), 76–101. doi:10.1080/13594320802674629