The Division of Technology, Industry and Economics of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP/DTIE) has embarked on a major initiative to design different training programmes to introduce the financial benefits of cleaner production and preventive strategies to non-traditional stakeholders. Pilot implementation is currently underway in five developing countries. The article introduces the main scope and characteristics of each of the training programmes and lessons learned in implementing them. The UNEP/DTIE training programmes will be made available to all interested users in the form of manuals, primers and distance-learning packages during the first quarter of 2002. The article also presents considerations in matching training programmes with local needs and conditions while raising awareness of sustainability issues in financial institutions.

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Journal of Cleaner Production
Department of Sociology

Huhtala, A, Bouma, J.J, Bennett, M, & Savage, D. (2003). Human resource development initiatives to promote sustainable investment. Journal of Cleaner Production, 11(6), 677–681. doi:10.1016/S0959-6526(02)00109-9