Accurate control of power and phase is essential for the quality assurance of hyperthermia treatments. Hereto, an external measurement device was inserted, built around a Vector Voltmeter (VVM), in order to assess online the performance of the steering capability of the BSD-2000 and later the BSD-2000-3D system. This paper only concerns the power and phase calibration of the signal in the path between the power and phase detection probes of the BSD-system and power and phase measurement point of the VVM. The calibration is performed in the frequency range of 60-120 MHz using a network analyser with a frequency range of 0.01-500 MHz. More importantly, by repeating the calibration periodically over the last 3 years, the stability and accuracy of the power and phase measurements were determined using the VVM system. The results of the power calibration show that the VVM system, concerning its power and phase measurement, is stable in time. The variation of the power measured with the VVM system is less than 0.22 dB (5.2%) for the latest configuration of the BSD-2000-3D system. The variation of the VVM-based phase measurements of the latter configuration is 1.1° or less. From the results of the power and phase measurements in the BSD 2000 system reported in previous studies using other measurement systems, it follows that the uncertainties of the power and phase measurements with the currently proposed VVM system are small enough to assess accurately the performance of the BSD system concerning its steering capability.

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International Journal of Hyperthermia
Department of Radiation Oncology

Lee, W.M, Ameziane, A, van den Biggelaar, A.M.C, Rietveld, P.J.M, & van Rhoon, G.C. (2003). Stability and accuracy of power and phase measurements of a VVM system designed for online quality control of the BSD-2000 (-3D) DHT system. International Journal of Hyperthermia, 19(1), 74–88. doi:10.1080/02656730210166159