The present study is an assessment of normal values of nasal nitric oxide (nNO) in healthy children. Healthy children aged between 6-17 yrs were recruited from three schools in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Breath was held for 10 s, while air was extracted from one nostril at 700 mL.min-1. The mean nNO value at the response plateau after 7-10 s was recorded and the average of three measurements was used. In total, 340 children participated; the male:female ratio was 156:184. Three reliable measurements were available in 85% of the children. The nNO concentrations were distributed normally (mean 449 ppb, SD 115). They were not associated with sex, passive smoking or body mass index. In children aged <12 yrs nNO correlated positively with age, history of adenoidectomy and ambient NO. In children aged ≥ 12 yrs ambient NO was the only significant modifier. Prediction rules for nNO values in children were formulated. In conclusion, the current study presents normal values for nasal nitric oxide in children, which can be used to assess the value of nasal nitric oxide in respiratory illnesses. Copyright

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The European Respiratory Journal
Department of Otorhinolaryngology

Struben, V.M.D, Wieringa, M.H, Mantingh, C.J, Bommeljé, C.C, Don, F.J.H, Feenstra, L, & de Jongste, J.C. (2005). Nasal NO: Normal values in children age 6 through to 17 years. The European Respiratory Journal, 26(3), 453–457. doi:10.1183/09031936.05.00015205