Background: In patients on chronic hemodialysis leukocyte activation has been related to the impaired function of the immune system. In this study we investigated if the vitamin E-coated dialyzer membrane could reduce monocyte activation thereby improving cellular immunity. Methods: This hypothesis was tested in a prospective crossover trial in which 14 stable hemodialysis patients were switched from the baseline hemophane dialyzer to a vitamin E-coated and thereafter a polysulphone dialyzer membrane or vice versa. Results: Monocyte MHC class I, CD54 and ICAM-1 expression was significantly downregulated when a vitamin E-coated or polysulphone dialyzer was used. The use of a vitamin E membrane specifically decreased monocyte CD40 and CD86 expression. Lectin induced T cell proliferation increased with the use of the vitamin E-coated membrane as compared to polysulphone and hemophane dialyzers. Conclusion: Vitamin E-coated dialyzers induced a lessactivated phenotype of monocytes and may improve cellular immunity. Copyright

Antigen presentation, Biocompatibility, Hemodialysis, Monocyte, Vitamin E,
Blood Purification
Department of Internal Medicine

Betjes, M.G.H, Hoekstra, F.M.E, Klepper, M, Postma, S, & Vaessen, L.M.B. (2004). Vitamin E-coated dialyzer membranes downregulate expression of monocyte adhesion and co-stimulatory molecules. Blood Purification, 22(6), 510–517. doi:10.1159/000082042