This article undertakes a comparison of competency-based training (CBT) systems in a number of countries with the purpose of drawing lessons to support Ghana and other countries in the process of CBT implementation. The study focuses on recognition of prior learning and involvement of industry since these features seem crucial in achieving employability. The study shows that industry is involved in the training activities. However, recognition of prior learning (RPL) requires innovative techniques, such as e-portfolio and on-line facility, to provide greater awareness and quality information to assist learners to produce work-related evidence. Performance criteria in RPL assessment must cover situational contexts and contingency management skills to enhance flexibility and adaptable labour force in the event of changes in workplace practices.

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Journal of Curriculum Studies
Department of Pedagogical Sciences

Boahin, P., Eggink, J., & Hofman, A. (2013). Competency-based training in international perspective: comparing the implementation processes towards the achievement of employability. Journal of Curriculum Studies. doi:10.1080/00220272.2013.812680