This paper performs a meta-analysis of empirical estimates of uncompensated labour supply elasticities. For the Netherlands, we find that an elasticity of 0.5 for women and 0.1 for men is a good reflection of what the literature reveals. The elasticity for men hardly differs between countries, but for women some cross-country variation is found. The increasing participation rate of women may lead to a somewhat lower elasticity in the future. Both the specification of the hours function and the estimation method are found to affect elasticity estimates.

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De Economist
Erasmus School of Economics

Evers, M, de Mooij, R.A, & Vuuren, D. (2008). The wage elasticity of labour supply: A synthesis of empirical estimates. De Economist, 156(1), 25–43. doi:10.1007/s10645-007-9080-z