Although most skin lesions in neonates are transient or benign, they may also be the presenting symptom of a life-threatening disease such as herpes neonatorum. In the present review, we present a short overview of neonatal skin lesions and a practical table to guide the general paediatrician in the diagnosis and management of neonatal skin lesions. Recent reviews are cited for further reading.

Neonatal skin, Neonatal skin disease, Neonatal skin eruptions, Neonatal skin lesions, Neonatal skin rashes,
European Journal of Pediatrics
Department of Dermatology

Hulsmann, A.R, & Oranje, A.P. (2013). Educational paper: neonatal skin lesions. European Journal of Pediatrics, 1–10. doi:10.1007/s00431-013-1956-0