Dendritic cells (DCs) induce different types of immune responses depending on their lineage and activation signals. When exposed to inactivated pseudorabiesvirus (iPRV), plasmacytoid but not myeloid DCs released IFN-α and IL-12. Remarkably, both iPRV-pulsed DC types were able to induce primary IFN-γ producing T cells and IgG isotype switching in vivo. In contrast, tetanus toxoid pulsed DCs did not induce detectable primary immune responses. The efficacy of antiviral T and B cell priming proved dependent on the recipient's genotype. We conclude that either plasmacytoid or myeloid DCs pulsed with inactivated virus suffice to induce primary Th1-polarised immune responses.

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Department of Virology

de Wit, M, Horzinek, M.C, Haagmans, B.L, & Schijns, V.E.C.J. (2005). Immunisation with virion-loaded plasmacytoid or myeloid dendritic cells induces primary Th-1 immune responses. Vaccine, 23(11), 1343–1350. doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2004.09.014