Objective: Bradykinin-induced, endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor (EDHF)-mediated responses depend on Ca2+-dependent K +-channels (KCa) of small (SKCa) and intermediate (IKCa) conductance, inwardly rectifying K+ (KIR) channels and/or Na+-K+-ATPase. Here we investigated in porcine coronary arteries (PCAs) whether S-nitrosothiols can act as EDHF. Methods: Preconstricted PCAs were exposed to bradykinin, the NO donor S-nitroso-N-penicillamine (SNAP), or the S-nitrosothiols L-S-nitrosocysteine (L-SNC), D-SNC and L-S-nitrosoglutathione (L-SNG), with or without KCl, the NO scavenger hydroxocobalamin, the S-nitrosothiol-depleting agent p-hydroxymercurobenzoic acid (PHMBA) and/or inhibitors of NO synthase (L-NAME), guanylyl cyclase (ODQ), SKCa channels (apamin), KCa channels of large conductance (BKCa) (iberiotoxin), IKCa + BKCa, channels (charybdotoxin), KIR channels (BaCl 2) or Na+-K+-ATPase (ouabain). Results: All agonists concentration-dependently relaxed PCAs. L-NAME, charybdotoxin + apamin, KCl, and ouabain shifted the bradykinin concentration-response curve (CRC) ≈10-fold to the right BaCl2 did not exert additional effects on top of ouabain. Full blockade of bradykinin was obtained when combining L-NAME with charybdotoxin + apamin, KCl or ouabain + BaCl2. PHMBA reduced the maximum effect of bradykinin. Iberiotoxin + apamin, alone or on top of L-NAME, did not affect bradykinin, SNAP or L-SNC. ODQ and hydroxocobalamin shifted the SNAP, L-SNC, D-SNC, and L-SNG CRCs ≈10-fold to the right, and, in combination, fully blocked SNAP-induced effects. Charybdotoxin + apamin shifted the L-SNC and L-SNG CRCs, but not the D-SNC or SNAP CRCs, ≈5-fold to the right. KCI and ouabain (but not BaCl2) shifted the SNAP, L-SNC and L-SNG CRCs 5-10 fold to the right. Conclusions: L-S-nitrosothiols activate SKCa + IKCa channels in a stereoselective manner, whereas NO activates Na+-K+-ATPase. Since S-nitrosothiols decompose to NO, stored L-S-nitrosothiols may mediate bradykinin-induced, EDHF-dependent relaxation.

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doi.org/10.1097/00004872-200410000-00015, hdl.handle.net/1765/63225
Journal of Hypertension
Department of Pharmacology

Batenburg, W.W, de Vries, R.R.P, Saxena, P.R, & Danser, A.H.J. (2004). L-S-nitrosothiols: Endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factors in porcine coronary arteries?. Journal of Hypertension, 22(10), 1927–1936. doi:10.1097/00004872-200410000-00015