Freud's psychodynamic theory is predominantly based on case histories of patients who displayed abnormal behavior. From a scientific point of view, Freud's analyses of these cases are unacceptable because the key concepts of his theory cannot be tested empirically. However, in one respect, Freud was totally right: most forms of abnormal behavior originate in childhood. In this paper various factors are discussed that play a role in the etiology of abnormal behavior in children and adolescents. Furthermore, problems are signaled that hinder effective interventions for disordered youths.

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Journal of Child and Family Studies
Department of Psychology

Muris, P.E.H.M. (2006). Freud was right. . . about the origins of abnormal behavior. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 15(1), 1–12. doi:10.1007/s10826-005-9006-9