Objective: This study aimed to identify a marker chromosome and characterize the short arm of a derivative chromosome 5 in a foetus with the following karyotype: mos 47,XX, del (5) (p?), +i(5)(p10) [50]/48,XX,2del (5)(p?), +i(5)(p10),+mar[25]. Method: Amniocentesis was performed in the 26th week of pregnancy because of ultrasound abnormalities (polyhydramnion and decreased amount of gastric filling). All classic banding techniques were performed. FISH and microdissection combined with reverse painting were used to reveal the exact origin of the marker and any extra material on the deleted chromosome 5p. The parents decided to continue the pregnancy and we compared the clinical features of the child born in week 34 with data from the literature on trisomy 5p. The possible contribution of trisomy of the centromeric region of chromosome 8 and trisomy 8p23.3→8pter to this clinical picture was evaluated. Results: GTG banding showed one normal and two aberrant chromosomes 5 [del(5)(p?) and i(5)(p10)] in all the cells examined. Furthermore, a supernumerary marker chromosome was present in approximately 30% of the cells. The marker was CBG positive and positive with the pancentromere probe, but dystamicinA/DAPI negative. It did not contain NOR-positive satellites. FISH proved this marker to be derived from the centromeric region of chromosome 8. MicroFISH disclosed the aberrant chromosome 5 as der(5)t(5;8)(p10;p23.3). The parent's karyotypes were normal. The baby showed the characteristic features of trisomy 5p syndrome. She died at the age of 15 days after cardiorespiratory arrest. Conclusion: The karyotype was interpreted as mos 47,XX,add(5)(p10).rev ish der(5)t(5;8)(p10;p23.3),+i(5) (p10) (WCP5+,D5S23+)[50]/48,XX,add(5)(p10).rev ish der(5)t(5;8)(p10; p23.3),+i(5)(p10)(WCP5+,D5S23+), +mar.ish 8(p10q10)(D8Z2+,WCP8-)[25]. Therefore, the baby had complete trisomy 5p, with trisomy of the distal part of 8p and of the centromeric region of chromosome 8. The clinical significance of de novo marker chromosomes is a major problem in prenatal counselling. Molecular cytogenetic tools such as FISH and microFISH are indispensable for characterizing markers and determining the breakpoints more precisely in deleted chromosomes. Copyright

FISH, Marker chromosome 8, MicroFISH, Partial trisomy 8p, Trisomy 5p
dx.doi.org/10.1002/pd.653, hdl.handle.net/1765/63540
Prenatal Diagnosis
Department of Clinical Genetics

de Pater, J, Govaerts, L.C, de Man, S.A, van der Sijs-Bos, C.J.M, Christiaens, C.G.M.L, Van Dam, J.W, … Engelen, J. (2003). Prenatal detection of complex chromosomal aberrations using advanced molecular cytogenetic techniques. Prenatal Diagnosis, 23(9), 747–751. doi:10.1002/pd.653