The Multi-Dimensional Blood Phobia Inventory (MBPI; Wenzel & Holt, 2003) is the only instrument available that assesses both disgust and anxiety for blood-phobic stimuli. As inflated levels of disgust propensity (i.e., tendency to experience disgust more readily) are often observed in blood phobia, the MBPI appears a promising instrument for disgust research. First, we examined its psychometric properties. Next, it was examined whether disgust sensitivity (i.e., considering experiencing disgust as something horrid) had added predictive value compared to disgust propensity in blood phobia. Therefore, students and university employees (N= 616) completed the MBPI, indices on blood phobia, disgust propensity and sensitivity. The MBPI proved to be reliable and valid. Further, it correlated moderately to high with disgust propensity and sensitivity. Additionally, disgust propensity and sensitivity were both significant predictors for blood phobia. In conclusion, the MBPI appears a valuable addition to the currently available arsenal of indices to investigate blood phobia.

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Journal of Anxiety Disorders
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University

van Overveld, M.J.M, de Jong, P.J, & Peters, M.L. (2011). The Multi-Dimensional Blood/Injury Phobia Inventory: Its psychometric properties and relationship with disgust propensity and disgust sensitivity. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 25(3), 319–325. doi:10.1016/j.janxdis.2010.10.004