This study evaluated patients' motivations for, and satisfaction with, the treatment and information of immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) with a silicone prosthesis. It studied satisfaction more deeply by relating it to the quality of life, body-image and sexual functioning. Seventy-three patients who received mastectomy, followed by IBR with a subpectoral silicone prosthesis, completed a self-report questionnaire concerning their motivations for, perceived advantages of and satisfaction with IBR, the information received, quality of life, body image, and sexual functioning. Despite the fact that 50% of the reconstructions resulted in complications or complaints, 70% of the women were satisfied with the reconstruction and only 12% would never choose IBR again. Satisfaction was strongly correlated with the need for information. The higher the patient's expectations, the higher their need for information. The most common perceived advantage of IBR was the avoidance of an external prosthesis. A majority of patients were satisfied with the breast reconstruction. However, a sizeable proportion needed more information about breast reconstruction and the use of the silicone prosthesis. To avoid too high expectations more attention should be given to possible complications and the moderate cosmetic results. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science Ireland Ltd.

Breast cancer, Immediate breast reconstruction, Psychological aspects, Quality of life, Silicone implants,
Patient Education and Counseling
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Contant, C.M.E, van Wersch, A.M.E, Wiggers, T, Wai, R.T.J, & van Geel, A.N. (2000). Motivations, satisfaction, and information of immediate breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Patient Education and Counseling, 40(3), 201–208. doi:10.1016/S0738-3991(99)00078-6