Allograft rejection is a complex process, which requires interactions between different cell types and a variety of soluble factors, such as cytokines. In this review we discuss the role of cytokines in the induction and effector phases of the rejection process and in the induction and maintenance of allospecific graft tolerance. Furthermore, we discuss the feasibility of clinical graft function monitoring by measuring cytokines and the possibilities for intervention in the cytokine network in order to inhibit graft rejection and eventually obtain graft acceptance.

Cytokines, Graft rejection, Monoclonal antibody treatment, Th1-Th2 subsets, Tolerance,
Mediators of Inflammation
Department of Immunology

Vossen, A.C.Th.M, & Savelkoul, H.F.J. (1994). Cytokines in clinical and experimental transplantation. Mediators of Inflammation, 3(6), 403–410. doi:10.1155/S0962935194000566