Reports a European study on the use of quality management self-assessment. Data have been obtained from 117 organizations who, in general, have some experiences of self-assessment methods. Among the main findings were the identification of the steps which are considered to be a key influence on the success of the self-assessment process and what have been the main learning points. Points out that organizations are using self-assessment mainly to identify strengths and weaknesses and also to facilitate internal and external learning in terms of transfer of best practice and ideas.

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International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management
Erasmus School of Economics

van der Wiele, A, Williams, A.R.T, Dale, B.G, Carter, G, Kolb, F, Luzon, D.M, … Wallace, M. (1996). Self-assessment: A study of progress in Europe's leading organizations in quality management practices. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 13(1), 84–104. doi:10.1108/02656719610108341