A new, computerized transitive reasoning test was constructed using 16 well-structured, theory-based tasks. The test was administered to 615 elementary school children. Within-subjects ANOVA showed that task format and presentation form influenced task difficulty level. Mokken scale analysis supported a unidimensional scale that was reliable. Evidence was collected for an invariant task ordering. The misfit of two pseudotransitivity tasks supported discriminant validity.

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doi.org/10.1027/1015-5759.22.4.225, hdl.handle.net/1765/64181
European Journal of Psychological Assessment
Department of Psychology

Bouwmeester, S., & Sijtsma, K. (2006). Constructing a transitive reasoning test for 6- To 13-year-old children. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 22(4), 225–232. doi:10.1027/1015-5759.22.4.225