Neuroanatomical tract-tracing methods were used to study the topography of the reticulocollicular projections. Injections of gold-HRP or BDA tracers into the medial and/or central portions of the superior colliculus resulted in labelled neurones mainly in the medial reticular formation, whereas injections into the lateral portion of the superior colliculus showed labelling in the medial and lateral reticular formation. When tracer was injected into the lateral portion of the caudal superior colliculus, extensive lateral labelling was observed in the contralateral parvocellular reticular nucleus and the contralateral dorsal medullary reticular nucleus, two areas involved in reflex blinking. The present study shows that these reticular areas project to the lateral superior colliculus, which is known to be involved in the coordination of eye and eyelid movements.

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Neuroscience Letters
Department of Neuroscience

Smit, A.E, Zerari-Mailly, F, Buisseret, P, Buisseret-Delmas, C, & VanderWerf, F. (2005). Reticulo-collicular projections: A neuronal tracing study in the rat. Neuroscience Letters, 380(3), 276–279. doi:10.1016/j.neulet.2005.01.059