Purpose: To report on the clinical features and etiology of patients with retinal vasculitis (RV). Materials and Methods: We reviewed medical records of 47 patients (75 affected eyes) diagnosed with RV. Clinical presentations, ocular complications, associated systemic diseases, and treatment regimens were registered. Results: Etiology of RV included infectious causes in 10/47, (21%) while an association with systemic and/or ocular non-infectious disorders was noted in 22/47 (47%). Eales′ disease and Behcet′s disease represented the most common clinical entities in non-infectious group while tuberculosis-associated RV was diagnosed in 6/10 (60%) among those with infectious disorders. RV was bilateral in 28/47 (60%) patients. Retinal veins were most commonly affected (72%, 34/47). Involvement of arteries was present in 12/47 (25%) and was associated with viral infections and Behcet′s disease. Ocular complications developed in 60/75 (80%) eyes. The most common complications were elevated intraocular pressure and/or glaucoma (33/75, 44%). Retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, and cystoid macular edema developed in similar percentages (15%). Conclusions: RV in Thailand manifested mostly in male patients, was typically bilateral and involved mostly veins. Involvement of arteries was observed in patients with viral infections and Behcet′s disease. Tuberculosis was the most common infectious cause.

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doi.org/10.4103/0301-4738.120216, hdl.handle.net/1765/64270
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
Department of Ophthalmology

Apinyawasisuk, S., Rothová, A., Kunavisarut, P., & Pathanapitoon, K. (2013). Clinical features and etiology of retinal vasculitis in Northern Thailand. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, 61(12), 739–742. doi:10.4103/0301-4738.120216