The multidisciplinary nature of much patient-care may lead to gaps in the continuity of information which they receive, as well as to different care-professionals giving them contradictory information. As a counter-measure, a protocol has been developed which integrates medical, nursing, and a variety of extramural events and activities into a comprehensive description of 15 'moments' in the care of breast cancer surgery-patients. Among innovations, the protocol includes information about psychosocial guidance following diagnosis, and about the discharge procedure and contact with fellow-sufferers. The protocol was implemented in Rotterdam in 1994, in two hospitals and in the community; and evaluated formatively on the basis of reactions from 53 patients and 81 care-professionals. Both groups found its form and content to be successful and informative.

breast cancer, care protocol, continuity of information, multidisciplinary, psychosocial guidance,
Patient Education and Counseling
Department of Surgery

van Wersch, A, Bonnema, J, Prinsen, B, Pruyn, J.F.A, Wiggers, T, & van Geel, A.N. (1997). Continuity of information for breast cancer patients: The development, use and evaluation of a multidisciplinary care-protocol. Patient Education and Counseling, 30(2), 175–186. doi:10.1016/S0738-3991(96)00950-0