Developing selectively targeted and heat-responsive nanocarriers holds paramount promises in chemotherapy. We show that this can be achieved by designing liposomes combining cationic charged and thermosensitive lipids in the bilayer. We demonstrated, using flow cytometry, live cell imaging, and intravital optical imaging, that cationic thermosensitive liposomes specifically target angiogenic endothelial and tumor cells. Application of mild hyperthermia led to a rapid content release extra- and intracellularly in two crucial cell types in a solid tumor.

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Nano Letters
Department of Surgery

Dicheva, B., ten Hagen, T., Li, L., Schipper, D., Seynhaeve, A., van Rhoon, G., … Koning, G. (2013). Cationic thermosensitive liposomes: A novel dual targeted heat-triggered drug delivery approach for endothelial and tumor cells. Nano Letters, 13(6), 2324–2331. doi:10.1021/nl3014154