Aim: To compare the saccadic reaction time (SRT) in both the central and peripheral visual field in normal and glaucomatous eyes using eye movement perimetery (EMP). Materials and Methods: Fifty-four normal and 25 glaucoma subjects underwent EMP and visual field testing on the Humphrey Field Analyser (HFA) 24-2 program. The EMP is based on infrared tracking of the corneal reflex. Fifty-four test locations corresponding to the locations on the 24-2 HFA program were tested. SRTs at different eccentricities and for different severities of glaucoma were compared between normal and glaucoma subjects. Results: Mean SRT was calculated for both normal and glaucoma subjects. Mann-Whitney U test showed statistically significant (P < 0.001) differences in SRT's between normal and glaucoma subjects in all zones. Conclusion: SRT was prolonged in eyes with glaucoma across different eccentricities.

Eye movement perimeter, glaucoma, saccadic reaction time,
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
Department of Neuroscience

Mazumdar, M, Pel, J.J.M, Panday, M, Asokan, R, Vijaya, L, Shantha, B, … van der Steen, J. (2014). Comparison of saccadic reaction time between normal and glaucoma using an eye movement perimeter. In Indian Journal of Ophthalmology (Vol. 62, pp. 55–59). doi:10.4103/0301-4738.126182