Active surveillance (AS) is a strategy that aims to individualize the management of early diagnosed, low risk prostate cancer by replacing immediate radical treatment by closely monitoring the disease. Throughout the years much attention has been paid to the validity and safety of AS, as well as the consequences for patients. Our goal was to assess the acceptance and opinion of Dutch urologists regarding AS. All 328 senior members of the Dutch Urology Society (NVU) received a questionnaire that was developed by the authors of this paper. The questionnaire was completed by 180 urologists (response rate of 55%). All urologists reported to bring up AS as a treatment strategy for those eligible. Overall, urologists have a positive attitude towards AS. However, the results have to be interpreted with some caution as little is known about the visions of the non-responders.

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Tijdschrift voor Urologie
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Venderbos, L., Bangma, C., Roobol-Bouts, M., Steyerberg, E., & Korfage, I. (2013). Assessing the acceptance and opinion of Dutch urologists regarding active surveillance. Tijdschrift voor Urologie, 3(6), 159–164. doi:10.1007/s13629-013-0076-y