In the rat, the extent of collateralization of projections from the cerebellar nuclei to the red nucleus and inferior olive was investigated using a retrograde double labeling technique. The combination of tracers selected, cholera toxin-β-subunit and WGA-BSA-gold, not only enabled the use of small injection sites but also resulted in clearly distinguishable and permanently stained neurons that could be analyzed in counterstained sections.

Axon collateral, Cerebellar nucleus, Cholera toxin β-subunit, Gold-lectin tracer, Inferior olive, Red nucleus,
Brain Research
Department of Neuroscience

Teune, T.M, van der Burg, J, & Ruigrok, T.J.H. (1995). Cerebellar projections to the red nucleus and inferior olive originate from separate populations of neurons in the rat: A non-fluorescent double labeling study. Brain Research, 673(2), 313–319. doi:10.1016/0006-8993(94)01431-G