In this diary study, we examined the associations between daily work-related smartphone use and daily psychological detachment and daily work-related exhaustion within a group of smartphone owners. In addition, we studied the role of the perceived segmentation norm at the workplace as a moderator of the link between work-related smartphone use and detachment. A total of 70 employees using smartphones on initiative of their employer completed a diary questionnaire on 4 successive workdays (N = 268 data points). We hypothesized that work-related smartphone use is negatively related to psychological detachment and that psychological detachment, in turn, is negatively related to work-related exhaustion. Finally, we expected that especially employees who perceive a high segmentation norm at their workplace have difficulties to psychologically detach from work on days that they use their smartphone more intensively. Overall, the results of multilevel analyses supported these hypotheses. The findings emphasize the importance of a clear organizational policy regarding work-related smartphone use outside of work hours

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Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
Department of Psychology

Derks-Theunissen, D., van Mierlo, H., & Schmitz, E. (2014). A diary study on work-related smartphone use, psychological detachment and exhaustion: Examining the role of the perceived segmentation norm. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 19(1), 74–84. doi:10.1037/a0035076