XR11576 is an oral topoisomerase I and II inhibitor. The objectives of this phase I study were to assess the dose-limiting toxicities (DLTs), to determine the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) and to describe the pharmacokinetics (PKs) of XR11576 when administered orally on days 1-5 every 3 weeks to patients with advanced solid tumours. Patients were treated with escalating doses of XR11576 at doses ranging from 30 to 180 mg day -1. For PK analysis, plasma sampling was performed during the first and second courses of treatment and XR11576 concentrations were assayed using a validated high-performance liquid chromatographic assay with mass spectrometric detection. In all, 21 patients received a total of 47 courses. The MTD was reached at 180 mg day -1, with diarrhoea and fatigue as DLT. Nausea and vomiting, although not qualifying for DLT, was ubiquitous. Only in combination with an extensive prophylactic antiemetic regimen consisting of a combination of both dexamethasone and a 5HT3 antagonist was treatment with XR11576 at 120 mg day -1 tolerable. The systemic exposure of XR11576 increased more than proportionally with increasing dose, with a large interpatient variability. No objective responses were seen; four patients experienced stable disease for periods of 12-30 weeks. In this study, the DLTs of XR11576 were diarrhoea and fatigue. The recommended dose for phase II studies of XR11576 is 120 mg administered orally, on days 1-5 every 21 days. Alternative regimens are currently being explored.

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doi.org/10.1038/sj.bjc.6602178, hdl.handle.net/1765/66653
British Journal of Cancer
Department of Medical Oncology

de Jonge, M., Kaye, S., Verweij, J., Brock, C., Reade, S., Scurr, M., … Judson, I. (2004). Phase I and pharmacokinetic study of XR11576, an oral topoisomerase I and II inhibitor, administered on days 1-5 of a 3-weekly cycle in patients with advanced solid tumours. British Journal of Cancer, 91(8), 1459–1465. doi:10.1038/sj.bjc.6602178