Multi-diameter single fiber reflectance (MDSFR) spectroscopy enables quantitative measurement of tissue optical properties, including the reduced scattering coefficient and the phase function parameter γHowever, the accuracy and speed of the procedure are currently limited by the need for co-localized measurements using multiple fiber optic probes with different fiber diameters. This study demonstrates the use of a coherent fiber bundle acting as a single fiber with a variable diameter for the purposes of MDSFR spectroscopy. Using Intralipid optical phantoms with reduced scattering coefficients between 0.24 and 3 mm1, we find that the spectral reflectance and effective path lengths measured by the fiber bundle (NA = 0.40) are equivalent to those measured by single solid-core fibers (NA = 0.22) for fiber diameters between 0.4 and 1.0 mm (r ≥ 0.997). This one-to-one correlation may hold for a 0.2 mm fiber diameter as well (r = 0.816); however, the experimental system used in this study suffers from a low signal-to-noise for small dimensionless reduced scattering coefficients due to spurious back reflections within the experimental system. Based on these results, the coherent fiber bundle is suitable for use as a variable-diameter fiber in clinical MDSFR quantification of tissue optical properties.,
Biomedical Optics Express
Department of Radiation Oncology

Hoy, C.L, Gamm, U.A, Sterenborg, H.J.C.M, Robinson, D.J, & Amelink, A. (2012). Use of a coherent fiber bundle for multi-diameter single fiber reflectance spectroscopy. Biomedical Optics Express, 3(10), 2452–2464. doi:10.1364/BOE.3.002452