The reconstruction of our historical heritage involves a few fundamental problems. We mention only two. There can be many interpretations of scientific data which can result in different reconstructions: however, the appearance of an image or animation in a digital format out of context is nearly always misleading. Therefore, the verisimilitude of the computer-based image should be questioned in the same manner as a picture in a journal, but the digital medium seldom facilitates this questioning. Furthermore, the diffusion of visualizations raises concerns; currently there is no established ontology to moderate the process. This article is based on our own experiences and attempts to contribute to this ontology. In this, scientific 'truth' will go hand in hand with artistic credibility, which to many may come as a surprise. Copyright

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Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation
Department of Medical Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine

Bakker, G., Meulenberg, F., & de Rode, J. (2003). Truth and credibility as a double ambition: Reconstruction of the built past, experiences and dilemmas. Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, 14(3), 159–167. doi:10.1002/vis.314