Impaired local protein translation at postsynaptic sites has been hypothesized to be the cause of several neurological disorders such as fragile X syndrome, neurofibromatosis-1, Rett syndrome, and other syndromic and non-specific forms of mental retardation. Identification of which mRNAs are present in dendrites and the identification of the molecular pathways that they promote will be imperative to the understanding of the neuropathology of these diseases. Since mouse models are the most widely used animal models of human diseases we developed a cell culture based technique to isolate mRNAs from mouse neurites.

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Journal of Molecular Histology
Department of Clinical Genetics

Reis, S., Oostra, B., & Willemsen, R. (2006). Isolation of mouse neuritic mRNAs. Journal of Molecular Histology, 37(1-2), 79–86. doi:10.1007/s10735-006-9036-7