In a phase II trial, the activity of EO9, a new bioreductive alkylating agent, was assessed. EO9 was used as second-line chemotherapy in breast cancer patients and as first-line chemotherapy for patients with gastric, pancreatic and colorectal cancer. EO9 was given as a 5 min i.v. infusion at a weekly dose of 12 mg/m2. 92 patients were entered; 22 with breast cancer, 26 with colon cancer, 24 with pancreatic cancer and 20 with gastric cancer. In general, the drug was well tolerated with nausea and vomiting occurring in 26.42 and 13.3% of courses, respectively. Reversible proteinuria was the main toxicity occurring in 45% of courses. Antitumour activity was not observed. At this dose and schedule, EO9 is not an active drug in the type of tumour studied.

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European Journal of Cancer
Department of Molecular Genetics

Dirix, L., Tonnesen, F., Cassidy, S., Epelbaum, J., Ten Bokkel Huinink, W., Pavlidis, N., … Verweij, J. (1996). EO9 phase II study in advanced breast, gastric, pancreatic and colorectal carcinoma by the EORTC early clinical studies group. European Journal of Cancer, 32(11), 2019–2022. doi:10.1016/0959-8049(96)00226-2