Between July 1996 and July 1998, 34 patients (female n = 16, male n = 18) were scheduled for catheter - interventional occlusion (ASDO) of an atrium septum defect of secundum type (ASD II). Median age was 7.9 years (2.5-54.6), weight 23.1 kg (9-97). 9 defects were closed with 'Angel Wings' (AW) and 25 ASD occlusions were attempted with 'CardioSeal' (CS). 30 patients had simple ASD II, 3 persisting foramen ovale with suspected paradoxal cerebral embolization and 1 significant residual shunt at atrial level after corrective heart surgery for interrupted aortic arch type B. ASDO was successful in 31/34 cases (91 %). One CS was removed surgically due to significant left to right shunt after release and two CS devices were withdrawn back into the sheath. Median ASD diameter was 11.9 mm (6-16), balloon occlusive diameter was 15 mm (6-20) and median left to right shunt was 40 % (6-64 %). On follow up minimal left to right shunt was seen in 5/31 patients (16 %). In selected patients catheter - interventional ASDO may be a good alternative to surgical ASD closure.

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Zeitschrift für Kardiologie
Department of Pediatrics

Eicken, A., Witsenburg, M., Sebening, W., Cromme-Dijkhuis, A., Vogt, M., Henze, R., & Hess, J. (1999). Per - Catheter closure of an atrium secundum defect - Experience with 'cardioseal' and 'Angel Wings'. Zeitschrift für Kardiologie, 88(12), 1015–1022. doi:10.1007/s003920050384