Background. This study aims to evaluate the effect of laparoscopic skills courses on the knowledge of laparoscopic equipment. Methods. A knowledge test on laparoscopic equipment was developed, and participants of 3 separate basic laparoscopic skills courses in the Netherlands completed the test at the beginning and end of these courses. All lectures and demonstrations during the courses were recorded on video to assess the matching of its contents with the items in the test. As a reference, the test was also completed by a group of laparoscopic experts by e-mail. Results. In total, 36 participants (64.3%) completed both the pretest and posttest. Overall, the mean test score improved from 60.4% of the maximum possible score for the pretest to 68.4% for the posttest. There were no significant differences in test scores between the 3 separate courses. However, the actual content varied among the courses. The correspondence of the test items with the course content varied from 47% to 69%. Although 30% of the participants had already received training for laparoscopic equipment in their own hospital, 92.5% wanted to receive more training. 28 experts completed the test with a mean score of 75.7%, which was significantly better than the posttest score of the course participants. Conclusions. The laparoscopic skills courses evaluated in this study had a modest positive effect on the acquisition of knowledge about laparoscopic equipment. Variance exists among their contents.

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Surgical Innovation
Department of Surgery

van Hove, P.D, Verdaasdonk, E, van der Harst, E, Jansen, F-W, Dankelman, J, & Stassen, L.P. (2012). Effect of basic laparoscopic skills courses on essential knowledge of equipment. Surgical Innovation, 19(4), 460–466. doi:10.1177/1553350611432723