Both the level and allocation of pre-divorce parental and family resources may be impor tant predictors for the effects of divorce on child outcomes. This study estimates specific divorce effects on socio-economic outcomes of children in families having a different amount and allocation of both cultural and economic resources. In addition, this study tests whether general divorce effects differ between boys and girls. Data are used from the Family Sur vey Dutch Population 1998 (FSDP98) and the Family Sur vey Dutch Population 2000 (FSDP00) (De Graaf et al., 1998, 2000). The first conclusion was that a high level of paternal resources increases divorce effects on children's educational level and their occupational status. Moreover, a high level of maternal resources decreases the divorce effect. These findings suppor t the loss of resources theory. Finally, practically no differences in general divorce effects were found when boys and girls were compared. Copyright

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Fischer, T.F.C. (2007). Parental divorce and children's socio-economic success: Conditional effects of parental resources prior to divorce, and gender of the child. Sociology, 41(3), 475–495. doi:10.1177/0038038507076618