Truck congestion for container terminals seems to be a worldwide unwanted phenomenon. In this paper we present and analyze a chassis exchange terminal concept to reduce the congestion. The terminal works as a kind of extended gate of a group of traditional container terminals. During the night containers are collected from these container terminals using chassis (or trailers). In daytime these containers on chassis are then collected and exchanged with export containers also on chassis. By exchanging the chassis we avoid extra handling of containers. As connecting and disconnecting to a chassis can be done in a short time, the chassis exchange terminal increases handling capacity substantially during peak hours. In this paper we analyze the concept for the Maasvlakte container terminals in Rotterdam. We investigate both the effect on waiting time, as well as the environmental effects.

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Dekker, R., van der Heide, S., van Asperen, E., & Ypsilantis, P. (2013). A chassis exchange terminal to reduce truck congestion at container terminals. Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, 25(4), 528–542. doi:10.1007/s10696-012-9146-3