The interaction of the depth cues of binocular disparity and motion parallax could potentially be used by the visual system to recover an estimate of the viewing distance. The present study investigated whether an interaction of stereo and motion has effects that persist over time to influence the perception of shape from stereo when the motion information is removed. Static stereoscopic ellipsoids were presented following the presentation of rotating stereoscopic ellipsoids, which were located either at the same or a different viewing distance. It was predicted that shape judgements for static stimuli would be better after presentation of a rotating stimulus at the same viewing distance, than after presentation of one at a different viewing distance. No such difference was found. It was concluded that an interaction between stereo and motion depth cues does not influence the perception of subsequently presented static objects.

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Vision Research
Department of Neuroscience

Champion, M., Brenner, E., Mamassian, P., & Simmons, D. (2004). No evidence for sequential effects of the interaction of stereo and motion cues in judgements of perceived shape. Vision Research, 44(5), 483–487. doi:10.1016/j.visres.2003.10.003