Background: Haemangioma of infancy (HOI) on the face may be disfiguring and alarming for parents. Usually they are not treated when they are small. Treatment of HOI with propranolol is a breakthrough. Timolol (topical treatment) and propranolol are closely related. Methods: We considered topical treatment with timolol 0.5% ophthalmic solution 3-4 times daily in patients with small HOI. Twenty patients with small mostly superficial HOI were included. Results: A series of 20 patients with HOI treated with timolol 0.5% ophthalmic solution are described. The treatment was effective in all superficial HOIs after 1-4 months. A quick direct inhibitory effect on the growth of the HOI followed by slower regression was observed. The children had to be treated during the whole proliferative phase. Deep HOIs on the nose (2 cases) and lower eyelid (1 case) showed no response. Conclusion: Topical timolol 0.5% ophthalmic solution is effective in HOI. Safety and effectiveness of drugs like topical timolol and topical propranolol require further investigation but they seem very safe when used in small HOIs. We recommend that small superficial HOIs should be treated in an early proliferative phase. Copyright

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Dermatology: international journal for clinical and investigative dermatology
Department of Dermatology

Oranje, A., Janmohamed, S., Madern, G., & de Laat, P. C. J. (2012). Treatment of small superficial haemangioma with timolol 0.5% ophthalmic solution: A series of 20 cases. Dermatology: international journal for clinical and investigative dermatology, 223(4), 330–334. doi:10.1159/000334778