The use of evidence in health promotion has become the gold standard, and obliges rethinking how to increase the (often limited) use of evidence in public health policy. Recently calls have been made to reconceptualise science policy relations as dynamic, interactive and coconstructive practices. Building on a qualitative investigation of an information tool for the Dutch government, the authors show how the nature of evidence is closely linked to its usefulness for policy, and how a specific infrastructural organisation of science-policy interactions contributes to an effective participation and interaction between both scientists and policy makers and the translation of research findings.

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Evidence and Policy
Health Care Governance (HCG)

van Egmond, C, Bekker, M.P.M, Bal, R.A, & van der Grinten, T.E.D. (2011). Connecting evidence and policy: Bringing researchers and policy makers together for effective evidence-based health policy in the Netherlands: A case study. Evidence and Policy, 7(1), 25–39. doi:10.1332/174426411X552981