After more than 30 years of clinical and translational research, and having contributed to large randomized international clinical trials in gynecologic cancer, the multidisciplinary EORTC Gynecologic Cancer Group (GCG) currently is dealing with one of the greatest challenges in cancer research, which is to discover and establish clinically useful predictive and prognostic factors, to identify subgroups of patients based on genomic patterns and activated pathways and to design clinical trials appropriate for such subgroups. EORTC GCG current and future research has to include the validation of prognostic and predictive markers, the identification of novel therapies that target specific pathways, and a better understanding of the molecular basis for resistance. These studies will require the collection of large numbers of biologic specimens, both at time of diagnosis and at time of recurrence and, whenever possible, during treatment. These objectives can only be reached with transversal cooperation within the EORTC framework (Pathobiology group, Imaging group, etc.), as well as international cooperation. Support from private industry will also be important in the context of a high-standard cooperation among industry and academia. The EORTC with its unique multidisciplinary infrastructure and long experience in cancer research is taking part through the EORTC GCG in international networks focused on gynecological cancer research on a large scale. Intergroup collaboration and international contribution to establish the current and future world-wide standards of care is also a priority for the GCG. The GCG also has a good track record in rare tumors and will continue working on rare diseases along with international partners.

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