Research on strategic consensus focuses primarily on the extent of agreement among team members regarding organizational strategy. It does not include elements such as the content of the agreement, between-group consensus, or the significance of differences in consensus (e.g., for evaluating the effectiveness of strategic interventions). We propose a new analytical approach, Strategic Consensus Mapping, that provides a comprehensive analysis of strategic consensus within and between groups and that includes intuitive and easy-to-understand visualizations. This approach offers researchers the necessary tools for integrative theory building in strategic consensus, as well as in the broader managerial and organizational cognition domain. Using a case example, we illustrate the proposed methods for a multidimensional, multilevel, and longitudinal analysis of strategic consensus.

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Tarakci, M., Ates, N., Porck, J., van Knippenberg, D., Groenen, P., & de Haas, M. (2013). Strategic consensus mapping: A new method for testing and visualizing strategic consensus within and between teams. Strategic Management Journal. doi:10.1002/smj.2151