This study considers changes in child care by grandparents between 1992 and 2006 in relation to changes in mothers' need for and grandparents' opportunity to provide child care. Data from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam are used to compare two cohorts of Dutch grandparents aged 58-68 (N1992=181; N2006=350). Multi-level regression analysis shows that the probability that grandparents care for their adult daughters' children (N1992=261; N2006=484) increased from 0.23 to 0.41. The increase can be ascribed to higher maternal employment rates, growth in single motherhood, reduced travel time and a decline in the number of adult children. The increase would have been higher if the employment rate of grandparents had not risen. Copyright

Ageing and Society
Department of Sociology

Geurts, T., van Tilburg, T., Poortman, A.-R., & Dykstra, P. (2014). Child care by grandparents: changes between 1992 and 2006. Ageing and Society. doi:10.1017/S0144686X14000270