This study utilizes experimentally validated Monte Carlo simulations to identify a mathematical formulation of the reflectance intensity collected by a single fiber probe expressed in terms of the reduced scattering coefficient (μprime;s), fiber diameter dfiber, and a property of the first two moments of the scattering phase function (γ). This model is then utilized to accurately obtain wavelength-dependent estimates of μ prime;s(λ) and γ (λ) from multiple single fiber spectral measurements of a turbid medium obtained with different diameters. This method returns accurate descriptions (mean residual <3%) of both μ prime;s and γ across the biologically relevant range.,
Optics Letters
Department of Radiation Oncology

Kanick, S., Gamm, U. A., Sterenborg, D., Robinson, D., & Amelink, A. (2011). Method to quantitatively estimate wavelength-dependent scattering properties from multidiameter single fiber reflectance spectra measured in a turbid medium. Optics Letters, 36(15), 2997–2999. doi:10.1364/OL.36.002997