Between 1598 and 1641, the famous surgeon Guilhelmius Fabricius Hildanus (1560-1634) published 600 medical and surgical observations in his Observationum et curationum chirurgicarum centuriae I-VI. One of the case reports bears the title 'Pain and infertility caused by a too large penis.' The woman described in this case report most likely suffered from positional deep dyspareunia. Hildanus invented in 1593 a remarkablemade-to-measure device. This device was a very well-considered and faultless curative for the woman's dyspareunia. It seemed that the dyspareunia had a simple cause: the disproportional large penis of the woman's husband. Four hundred years later, Hildanus' forgotten penis shortening device deserves a resurrection in today's medical practice. This remarkable and almost forgotten case report is described and discussed.

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Archives of Sexual Behavior
Department of Intensive Care

Kompanje, E. (2006). Painful sexual intercourse caused by a disproportionately long penis: An historical note on a remarkable treatment devised by Guilhelmius Fabricius Hildanus (1560-1634). Archives of Sexual Behavior, 35(5), 603–605. doi:10.1007/s10508-006-9057-z