Gastrointestinal intussusception is an uncommon condition caused by a pendunculated, gastric tumor being forced through the pyloric sphincter and into the duodenum. An extremely rare case of gastrojejunal intussusception caused by a giant gastric lipoma is described in this article. The patient presented with anemia and weight loss. Initial gastroduodenal endoscopy failed to establish the diagnosis but abdominal ultrasound and computed tomography revealed signs of intussusception possibly associated with a lipoma of the small bowel. At laparotomy a pendunculated, submucosal, gastric lipoma, measuring 10 × 5 cm was found to have been intussuscepted into the jejunum. It was reduced and removed through a gastrotomy. Recovery was uneventful. Copyright

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Digestive Surgery
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Mouës, C. M., Steenvoorde, P., Viersma, J., van Groningen, K., & de Bruïne, J. (2002). Jejunal intussusception of a gastric lipoma: A review of literature. Digestive Surgery, 19(5), 418–420. doi:10.1159/000065825