Two studies were conducted to investigate the psychometric properties of a Dutch translation of the Dimensions of Anger Reactions, a brief test to measure anger disposition. In the first study, the factor structure, internal consistency, and validity of the scale were examined in a sample of 97 students. Factor analysis essentially yielded one factor, although further inspection found some evidence for a two-factor structure referring to "anger response" and "impairment." The internal consistency was acceptable, and convergent and divergent validities were supported by a theoretically meaningful pattern of correlations with other self-report measures, such as the Aggression Questionnaire, Barratt's Impulsivity Scale-11, and the Symptom Checklist-90. In a second study, the test-retest reliability of the scale was examined in a separate sample of 37 students. A correlation coefficient of.84 was found, supporting the reliability of the scale. Altogether, it can be concluded that the Dutch Dimensions of Anger Reactions seems to be reliable and valid for assessing anger disposition.,
Psychological Reports
Department of Psychology

Nederlof, A., Hovens, H., Muris, P., & Novaco, R. (2009). Psychometric evaluation of a dutch version of the dimensions of anger reactions. Psychological Reports, 105(2), 585–592. doi:10.2466/PR0.105.2.585-592