The BIOMED-2 primers and PCR protocols for the detection of clonal proliferations in lymphoproliferative disease are well established and are used in many Molecular Pathology laboratories worldwide due to their availability as commercial kits. The kits have made the technical performance of these protocols relatively uncomplicated; however, the technical interpretation is less straightforward, since the reporting of these assays requires knowledge of TCR and BCR gene recombinations, multiple rearrangement patterns and cross-lineage rearrangements. The initial challenge was to first standardise the analysis of these assays across Europe via the EuroClonality group and to issue guidelines for the analysis, interpretation and reporting of the BIOMED-2 assays. This has been achieved and this standardized scoring system will be adopted as an essential part of the BIOMED-2 EuroClonality EQA scheme.

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Journal of Hematopathology
Department of Immunology

Harris, S., Brüggemann, M., Groenen, P., Schuuring, E., Langerak, A., & Hodges, E. (2012). Clonality analysis in lymphoproliferative disease using the BIOMED-2 multiplex PCR protocols: Experience from the EuroClonality group EQA scheme. Journal of Hematopathology, 5(1-2), 91–98. doi:10.1007/s12308-012-0144-x