For decades, the Dutch approach to migrant integration juxtaposed that found in Republican France through strongly multiculturalist policies. Despite the obvious policy differences between France and the Netherlands, both countries have been dealing with serious levels of migrant exclusion. Nonetheless, rioting such as that which occurred in France during 2005 has never been seen in the Netherlands. This article details the development of Dutch integration strategies from their multicultural origins to their current focus on assimilation. It then compares these policies to French approaches to integration and asks whether or not these countries may actually be converging towards a middle ground in their integration politics.

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Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Department of Sociology

Entzinger, H. (2009). Different systems, similar problems: The French urban riots from a Dutch perspective. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 35(5), 815–834. doi:10.1080/13691830902826301