Isolated hepatic perfusion (IHP) with melphalan with or without tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) is currently performed in clinical trials in patients with hepatic metastases. Previous studies led to the hypothesis that the use of TNF-α in isolated limb perfusion causes specific destruction of tumour endothelial cells and thereby induces an increased permeability of tumour vasculature. However, whether TNF-α contributes to the therapeutic efficacy in IHP still remains unclear. In an in vivo rat liver metastases model we studied three different tumours: colon carcinoma CC531, ROS-1 osteosarcoma and BN-175 soft-tissue sarcoma which exhibit different degrees of vascularisation. IHP was performed with melphalan with or without the addition of TNF-α. IHP with melphalan alone resulted, in all tumour types, in a decreased growth rate. However in the BN-175 tumour addition of TNF-α resulted in a strong synergistic effect. In the majority of the BN-175 tumour-bearing rats, a complete response was achieved. In vitro cytoxicity studies showed no sensitivity (CC531 and BN-175) or only minor sensitivity (ROS-1) to TNF-α, ruling out a direct interaction of TNF-α with tumour cells. The response rate in BN-175 tumour-bearing rats when TNF-α was coadministrated with melphalan was strongly correlated with drug accumulation in tumour tissue, as only in these rats a five-fold increased melphalan concentration was observed. Secondly, immunohistochemical analysis of microvascular density (MVD) of the tumour showed a significantly higher MVD for BN-175 tumour compared to CC531 and ROS-1. These results indicate a direct relation between vascularity of the tumour and TNF-α mediated effects. Assessment of the tumour vasculature of liver metastases would be a way of establishing an indication for the utility of TNF-α in this setting.

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Keywords Isolated hepatic perfusion, Liver metastases, Melphalan, Microvessel density, TNF-α
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Journal British Journal of Cancer
van Etten, B, de Vries, M.R, van IJken, M.G.A, Lans, T, Guetens, G, Aan de Wiel-Ambagtsheer, G, … ten Hagen, T.L.M. (2003). Degree of tumour vascularity correlates with drug accumulation and tumour response upon TNF-α-based isolated hepatic perfusion. British Journal of Cancer, 88(2), 314–319. doi:10.1038/sj.bjc.6600707