Amino acids play crucial roles as precursors for proteins and neurotransmitters, as transport molecules, and in cell signaling. In this review, we describe the unique functions of the individual amino acids and conclude that the amino acid requirements of parenterally fed neonates are inadequately defined. Parenterally fed neonates are at risk of amino acid deficiency or toxicity because the intestines serve as an important site of metabolism, regulating systemic availability of individual amino acids.,
Department of Pediatrics

Vlaardingerbroek, H, van den Akker, C.H.P, Maingay-de Groof, F, Hogewind-Schoonenboom, J.E, Huang, L, Riedijk, M.A, … van Goudoever, J.B. (2011). Amino acids for the neonate: Search for the ideal dietary composition. NeoReviews (Vol. 12). doi:10.1542/neo.12-9-e506