The accelerated failure time (AFT) model is a useful alternative to the proportional hazard model for modelling interval-censored survival times. We illustrate the usefulness of a class of flexible AFT models. Flexibility is achieved by assuming that the distributional parts consist of penalized Gaussian mixtures. The AFT models are introduced and exemplified via research questions originating from a longitudinal dental study conducted in Flanders (North of Belgium). Emphasis is put on the analyzes which are performed using routines written in the R-language. They show the practical usefulness of our approach.

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Statistical Modelling
Department of Biostatistics

Komarek, A., & Lesaffre, E. (2009). The regression analysis of correlated interval-censored data: Illustration using accelerated failure time models with flexible distributional assumptions. Statistical Modelling, 9(4), 299–319. doi:10.1177/1471082X0900900403